The project was funded by the Alcohol Education Research Council (AERC) and has been conducted with Neil Davidson, now at the Scottish Institute for Policing Research, University of Dundee, and Jemma C Lennox of the Department of Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University. As well as field observation and expert interview, this groundbreaking research has pioneered the use of digital photography in visual methodology.

The report based on the research is available here: Forsyth, A. J. M., Davidson, N. & Lennox, J. L. (2007) An Investigation into the environmental impact of off-licensed premises on residential   neighbourhoods. London: Alcohol Education Research Council.

The research also informet a range of academic publications, including:

Forsyth A. J. M. & Davidson, N. (2010) Community off-sales provision and the presence of alcohol-related detritus in residential neighbourhoods.        Health & Place, 16: 2, 349 – 358.[impact factor = 2.818]

 Forsyth A. J. M. & Davidson, N. (2009) The nature and extent of Illegal Drug and Alcohol-related Litter in a Scottish Social Housing Community: A       photographic investigation. Addiction Research & Theory. DOI: 10.1080/16066350802559464. [impact factor = 0.815]

Forsyth, A. J. M. & Davidson, N. (2008) Passing The Buck? Are local licensed grocers to blame for alcohol-related incivility in residential     communities? Scottish Journal of Criminal Justice Studies, 14: July, 63 – 95.    


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