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Teejay & Mary: Two Tales of Supervision

In this episode we talk about how two very different encounters Fergus McNeill has had during his career – one with a man we’re calling Teejay and another with Mary – had a profound and enduring impact on his research and his perception of supervision.


Letters from Prison: An Exploration of Isolation

Over the last year Deborah Russo has been working on a written correspondence project which has seen her amass more than 150 letters from people in prison, detailing personal accounts of their experiences of isolation.


Are you Listening? Shining a Light on Domestic Abuse in Scotland

Dr Emma Forbes joins us in this episode to describe her extraordinary project GlassWalls which uses the medium of stained glass to shine a light on domestic abuse in Scotland.


Networks: Dr Ben Collier

We used to say look at the stars to feel how small you are, today we need just look at our phones. As we type into them the network pulses and our secrets are hoarded by the algorithm. We must ask, are we human or are we data?


Work: Dr Hannah Graham

Some of us have started to return to the office and in doing so we are relearning how to connect with our colleagues and professional networks.


Friends: Dr Lisa Bradley and Dr Nughmana Mirza

SCCJR besties Lisa and Nughmana first met when doing their PhD's at the University of Glasgow and soon found they had a lot in common; their research interests, having busy home lives with young kids, wanting to do academia differently and a shared love of chatting over cake and coffee.


Family: Dr Cara Jardine

Our colleague, or should that be 'sister' of SCCJR, Dr Cara Jardine, Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, joins our host Ali Fraser to help kick off Season 2 of the Just Humans podcast.


Connection: Professor Laura Piacentini

Seldom has there been a time in history where human connection has meant more, but can we stay connected with one another and our work under these conditions?


Translation: Dr Phil Crockett Thomas

When we think about translation we usually think of translating from one language to another but research is an act of translation too. Often you are translating an experience, a conversation or observation into quotes and tables. Maybe there’s a better way of doing this?


Darkness: Dr Anna Souhami

Our first episode is about darkness with Dr Anna Souhami, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Edinburgh.

Just Humans is a podcast from the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.

About Just Humans

In the series we introduce you to the people who make the Centre, their lives and work, what inspires them and makes them tick. In each episode we will look at a different topic which will pique your interest and perk up your ears.

Just Humans is hosted by our Director, Dr Alistair Fraser and produced and edited by Communications Officer Rachelle Cobain. The title music is called ‘Rewind’ by Donna Maciocia and Sean H and was taken from the Distant Voices EP ‘Looking At Colours Again.’

How to listen

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