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Friendship matters so much to our team on the MSc. This beautiful & timely podcast👇🏽highlights that in #criminology and #socialjustice, friendship & professional connectivity matter. The personal IS political but so too is having good pals who share a vision and have a laugh too!

Hello friends! SOUND ON🔊👇
Dr Nughmana Mirza talking about how friendship helped her reconnect with research and find confidence in her ideas again.
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Exciting to hear this in the world! Reminds me how lucky I am to live forms of academia grounded in connection, solidarity, care and friendship (with Nughmana, @crmnllgy & MANY other willing co-disruptors), and even more determined that such conditions cannot be left to chance ♥️

It's a day for supervisor's pride 😊and a big measure of respect for wonderful supervisees. This time, it's Nughmana Mirza. Head over to @TheSCCJR to hear her talking with @Lisa_Bradley_ & @crmnlgy on friendship and connections in the world of research.

SCCJR besties @Lisa_Bradley_ and Nughmana Mirza talk to Ali Fraser @crmnlgy about how friendship enriches research and why academia needs to do things differently.

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