Welcome to the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

The Centre is a collaboration between the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Strathclyde. The SCCJR aims to produce research that informs policy and practice and advances our understanding of justice.


If you are #homeschooling your kids who are studying Modern Studies at N5 or Higher level they may be interested in our learning resources on crime and justice.

Scotland may release prisoners close to the end of their sentences

Quoting @TheSCCJR colleague Dr Cara Jardine (@Cara_J_Says) and the Scottish Prisoner Advocacy and Research Collective (SPARC). #coronavirus #decarceration

Emotional day for us as we bid farewell to our Chief Executive, Tom Halpin @sacro_national after 10 years. Unfortunately we can't say our goodbyes in person so from all of us at Sacro; thank you for all you have done and very best wishes for the future. Thank you Tom.

We start this project that compiles the measures taken by prison administrations around the world to respond to #COVID19, with the aim to extend good practices to other prisons and countries (ENG/SP). You can help with RT or sharing information with us.

I wrote a blog on #coronavirus , #prisons and #criminaljustice highlighting brilliant work by @PRTuk @Brthcompanions @HMPSurvival @INQUEST_ORG @CYPCS and others.

This situation is urgent and moving fast - get in touch if I've missed things or there are other issues to highlight

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