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The Centre is a collaboration between the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Strathclyde. The SCCJR aims to produce research that informs policy and practice and advances our understanding of justice.


Thank you @BikoZino for the wide ranging discussion of counter-colonial criminology today. Much to digest, much to do. Criminology might not require a disciplinary visa, but it can still aspire to be a more open territory!

Hey y’all, I’m on the search for organisations that help fund postgraduate study for people in custody (in Scotland). If you know of any, can you share the info with me?

NEW PODCAST EPISODE! @LauraPiacentin2 joins Alistair Fraser @crmnlgy to talk about poetry, pickled herring & vodka and how singing 'Let it Be' helped form connections with prison officers in Siberia. #justhumans

20 partners, 250 participants, 6 months - impacts of lockdown for already marginalised: refugees, CJ involved, domestic abuse & sexual violence survivors, people with disability / long-term health conditions. An ultramarathon sprint of a study... hope u can join us

Why not round the week off with a fascinating seminar with @BikoZino who will talk about 'Counter-Colonial Criminology.' Join us this Friday at 2pm GMT/9am EST

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