Upcoming Events

Foregrounding the Senses in Ethnographies of Crime, Harm and Social Control

19th September 2022

09:00 GMT

Climate Justice, Criminal Justice

11th October 2022

14:30 GMT


Learning & Networking with The Black Criminology Network

25th September 2022

17:00 GMT


Minimising Vicarious Trauma in the Conduct of Research on Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse Workshop

16th August 2022

14:00 GMT


Past Events

To love or to punish? That is the question

11th August 2022

13:00 GMT

PhD Session with Prof Michelle Brown, University of Tennessee

23rd June 2022

14:00 GMT

University of Edinburgh

SCCJR Early Career Researcher Statement Launch

14th June 2022

10:30 GMT

Teaching Room 07 in the Old College, University of Edinburgh.

“Back and Forth: Between Criminology and Human Rights – Between Science and Activism”

13th June 2022

13:30 GMT

Room 206, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

SCCJR Knowledge Exchange Training Series – Zine Making Workshop

30th May 2022

09:00 GMT

University of Glasgow, Saint Andrews Building, Room 224.

Video Available

Tales from La Catedral: the Narco and the Reconfiguration of Prison Social Order in Colombia

25th May 2022

16:00 GMT



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