26th October 2022

A Model of Corrections Officer Workplace Culture: Continuity and Variation

The workshop introduces an organizational culture conceptual framework and build on previous prison scholarship to develop a model of prison officer workplace culture.

30th September 2022

Penalities of the Global South: An Indian Case Study

Dr Brown draws on ethnographic empirical work with two hunting nomadic groups in India by two of the co-authors who are working with the Kheria Sabar community in Purulia district in West Bengal and Pardhi community in Mumbai.

22nd August 2022

Minimising Vicarious Trauma in the Conduct of Research: Workshop

We will first take an exploratory and critical look at vicarious trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder and how this can impact writing and research processes. The session concludes with practical strategies that researchers can implement to minimise the impacts of VT.

29th June 2022

Cars, Compounds and Containers: Judicial and Extrajudicial Infrastructures of Punishment in the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ South Africa – Prof Gail Super, University of Toronto

This work examines how specific forms of penal violence (banishment, expulsions, corporal punishment, lethal collective violence, kidnapping etc.) in marginalized informal (shack) settlements in South Africa.


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