29th June 2022

Teaching Criminology: A Teacher’s Perspective

The session assumes a critical stance towards criminology as a taught subject, identifying its many strands, its often divergent and contradictory goals, pressures posed by teaching in different contexts, and the changes in teaching approaches and practices that occur over time.

1st June 2022

Tales from La Catedral: The Narco and the Reconfiguration of Prison Social Order in Colombia – Prof Manuel Iturralde

Focusing on Colombia, through the case study of Pablo Escobar and La Catedral, this workshop discusses the ways in which the Narco plays similar roles to those performed by prison groups, gangs and the State in prison.

28th April 2022

Advancing Procedural Justice Theory & Practice in Police Responses to Sexual Violence in England & Wales

This presentation will introduce emerging findings from Project Bluestone/Soteria, a large collaborative project funded by the London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, which aims to improve police investigations of and responses to rape and other forms of sexual violence in England and Wales.

15th April 2022

Unlikely Downsizers: The Prison Service’s Role in Decarceration in Kazakhstan: Dr Gavin Slade

We demonstrate that the Kazakhstani prison service, counter to theoretical expectations, became one of the key actors in advocating for and implementing the downsizing process.


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