25th July 2023

Conceptualising Singapore’s Detention ‘Painscape’: Trauma, Identity & Resilience

This presentation seeks to better our understanding of the nature and harms of political detention by examining the traumatic legacies of this institution in Singapore.

4th July 2023

Teaching Criminology: The Human Element

The session bridges the gap between criminologists as researchers and criminologists as teachers by recognizing the ‘human’ side that is inherent in both roles and that allows criminologists to shift from one role to the other.

20th June 2023

No Country For ‘Bad’ Men: Volatile Citizenship and the Emerging Features Of Global Neo-colonial Penality

Milena discusses her article which examines instances of de jure and de facto denationalization that arise from (suspected) terrorism by analyzing penal outcomes for affected citizens.

6th June 2023

The Stains of Imprisonment: What do prisons morally communicate to men convicted of sex offences?

In this talk, which is based on her recent book, The Stains of Imprisonment, Alice Ievins offers an ethnographic account of one of the worlds that this push has created: an English prison for men convicted of sex offenses.


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