20th May 2024

Punishment Futures, Justice Reimagined

The focus of this webinar will include talks from Professor Máximo Sozzo and Professor Fergus McNeill, who consider innovations in prison settings as well as justice reimagined in different regional contexts.

29th April 2024

Religion, Security, and post-Secular cooperations: neo-Pentecostals in a Portuguese women’s prison

What happens when secular institutions experiencing crisis draw the interest of neo-Pentecostal religions (Algranti 2018)?

3rd April 2024

Prison Life: Pain, Resistance and Purpose

Ian talks about his latest book, Prison Life: Pain, Resistance and Purpose which won the 2023 Outstanding Book Award, given by the American Society of Criminology’s Division of International Criminology.

5th March 2024

Who should the police be in the 21st Century?

Speakers consider the challenges and future directions of the police/policing in diverse contexts faced with new and emerging harmscapes.


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