The focus of this webinar will include talks from Professor Máximo Sozzo and Professor Fergus McNeill, who consider innovations in prison settings as well as justice reimagined in different regional contexts.

Speaker 1: Professor Máximo Sozzo National University of Litoral and Leverlhume Visiting Professor, School of law, University of Edinburgh

Title: Struggle, innovation and harm reduction in contemporary prison. Experiences and visions from the Global South

Speaker 2: Professor Fergus McNeill, University of Glasgow

Title: Towards Generative Justice

This webinar is the second of a series of bi-monthly webinars entitled Security and Justice Futures which aim to confront the dilemmas, re-imaginings and futures of security and justice from a cross-regional perspective. Drawing from a range of speakers from north and south contexts, the series seeks to engage with both academic and practitioner audiences to encourage a mutual dialogue on the futures of security and justice in diverse contexts.

Photo Credit: Community Justice Scotland. There are special areas for some people in Perth Prison, Scotland to relax and talk to staff members to help their wellbeing. This area was decorated by people completing sentences.
InSight Crime. Mendoza Prison, Argentina.