Organised by the Canterbury Centre for Policing Research/Institute for Global City Policing 

‘Climate Justice, Criminal Justice: Why should CJS practitioners care about climate emergency?’

Canterbury Centre for Policing Research at Canterbury Christ Church University and the UCL JDI Institute for Global City Policing are pleased to announce the next event in their joint seminar series.

The climate emergency is here, bringing inevitable change to the society and to the public sector serving it. Policing and Criminal Justice are no exceptions. Consequences predicted at a strategic level include for example international and national policy responses involving legal frameworks requiring rigorous enforcement such as carbon trading regulations, anti-corruption, fraud action, and new crimes of environmental harm and ecocide; security maintenance issues; increased emergency responses and disaster management and an increase in a range of protest activities from non-violent direct action to violent mass mobilisation due to resource competition. And yet climate emergency is not just about the practical considerations, but also about the ethical challenges it poses. When those who are the least responsible suffer the most harm and vice versa, both globally and at local level, what does it mean to deliver justice, to protect the vulnerable and serve communities?