Speaker: Nikita Sonavane, Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford

This in-person discussion will focus on the construction of casteist criminality in the law, through the criminalisation of Denotified Tribes/ Vimuktas in India. It will explore the casteist carceral legacy of the Criminal Tribes Act, that continues in Indian policing today, especially through the provisions surrounding ‘Habitual Offenders’. The talk will share insights from the CPA Project’s empirical research on policing and experience in litigation in India.

Nikita Sonavane is the co-founder of the Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project (CPAProject) in Bhopal and she is also a visiting research fellow at the University of Oxford working on anti-discrimination law in India.

Please note there is no need to register to attend this event. All welcome.

Funding provided by Glasgow Legal Theory research group and the SCCJR.