A Life in Pieces

An introduction to this resource

A resource for Modern Studies Students studying crime and law and criminology

You can download PowerPoints and Teacher’s Notes for National 5 and Advanced Higher levels which take you through some suggested tasks. Feel free to adapt these to suit your own lessons.

The full story is available online as a PDF and if you are able to, we would recommend you printing a few copies so students can see the story in full.

However knowing that school resources won’t always allow for this we have created a video version with the story narrated. You can download this for use in the classroom or view it online for remote learning.

Individual excerpts from the story are also available so you can create your own PowerPoints or task sheets if this is useful.

The full film is 15 minutes long and we would recommend watching it through in full first so students have a good background knowledge of Alison’s full story before specifically targeting sections relevant to the activities.

We would love to hear feedback on this resource so please get in touch if you have any suggestions or comments by emailing marguerite.schinkel@glasgow.ac.uk

This resource has been developed in collaboration with Modern Studies teachers Michael Shanks and Samia Carmichael.

A Life in Pieces – Full Story PDF

National 5’s: PowerPoint Presentation and Teachers Notes 

Advanced Highers: PowerPoint Presentation and Teacher Notes

A Life in Pieces – Audio


A Life In Pieces – Video