SCCJR Development Grants (formerly Capacity Building Fund)

Applications for Development Grants (formerly Capacity Building Grants) are invited from core and associate members of SCCJR based at one of the four partner universities. Development grants provide seedcorn funding (generally a maximum of £1500 and smaller requests are welcome) to support activities that build new research partnerships and networks, pilot new research ideas, or bring researchers together to develop larger grant applications.


Applications for  funds should address one or more of the overall aims of SCCJR, but the overriding criteria for funding are the ability of both the applicant(s) and SCCJR to benefit from the research or knowledge exchange activities supported through development resources. The Centre’s Aims are to:

  • Produce high quality, internationally recognised research in relation to crime and criminal justice;
  • Advance understanding of crime and criminal justice through theoretical, empirical and applied research;
  • Work with communities, policy makers and the wider public to collaboratively build just societies;
  • Support the development criminological research capacity across Scotland and provide an inclusive forum for this regardless of SCCJR membership.

Applications that involve applicants from more than one university, or partnerships between academic, policy and practice communities, are particularly encouraged, although single institutional bids are also eligible. Applications led by or involving early career researchers also are encouraged.

Applicants are encouraged to try, where possible, to secure matched funding from other sources.

The maximum amount available for each bid is £1,500. The sum requested should reflect the nature, scale and duration of the proposed activities. Eligble costs may include economy travel costs, and consumables.

Application process

There will normally be two calls per year for applications.

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their application with an Associate Director of SCCJR, and Associate Members are required to obtain the explicit sponsorship of an application by an SCCJR member;
  • Applications should be clear about the date(s) of the activity for which funding is sought, its nature (e.g. meeting, workshop, ongoing network, etc.), duration and timing, as well as include a single point of contact but the names of all those who are involved in organising or leading the activity;
  • Each application will be sent to two assessors for review, who will comment on each application according to the above criteria;
  • All applications, successful and unsuccessful, will receive feedback.


If successful

Generally, funding from grants should be spent within the finanical year in which the grant is made (31 July is the last day of SCCJR’s financial year). Funding not spent by this time, or committed to being spent with approval of an SCCJR Associate Director, may be foreited. All grant awardees will be contacted a maximum of six months from the end date of their activity to provide a brief reflective report to SCCJR on the use of the resources obtained, showing key achievements.

Apply for a Grant

An End of Award Report must be submitted within 6 months of receipt of the funds, or the end of the project/activity, whichever is soonest.

Development Grant Guidance Notes are available by clicking here