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Presented By: David Maguire, UCL Institute of Education

Length: 42:33

Published: 11th October 2021

The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research warmly welcomes Dr David Maguire to deliver the first presentation in our new Seminar Series for 2021.

David is an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Education in the Criminal Justice System, UCL Institute of Education.

David talks about his book, Male, Failed, Jailed, where he charts the cyclical interrelations between cultural representations of masculinity, place, schooling, (un)employment, crime, and imprisonment.

In the book he explores if living up to idealised masculinities across sites of extreme exclusion meant the men in his study contributed to their own continued economic marginalisation and their repeated return to prison.
Or whether is it these sites and institutional systems that play an influential role in reinforcing and trapping these men in configuring the same masculinities they exclude, abandon, and incarcerate? Disrupting oversimplified and popular representations of the men that fill our prisons, Maguire notes that his ambition was to use their stories to profile their vulnerabilities, humanity, and pains of imprisonment.

Biography: Dr David Maguire has researched and managed projects for excluded groups across sectors that include housing, education, prison and the wider criminal justice system. In 2016 he was awarded D.Phil. (PhD) from the University of Oxford for research focusing on the interplay between masculinity, education, (un)employment, crime and imprisonment. After holding Lectureship positions in Criminal Justice, Criminology and Sociology, David took up a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at UCL’s Institute of Education that explored post prison transitions into employment and education. He has written and published on prison masculinities, and is the author of Male, Failed, Jailed : Masculinities and “Revolving-Door” Imprisonment in the UK. He is currently the Director for the Prison Reform Trust’s Building Futures project, a five-year programme for people spending 10 or more years in prison.

Find out more about David’s award winning book Male, Failed, Jailed | SpringerLink

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