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Presented By: Prof Sarah Armstrong, Prof Michele Burman, Dr Marguerite Schinkel, University of Glasgow

Length: 36:48

Published: 19th February 2021

This presentation ‘Left Out and Locked Down: Rapid research findings on experiences of marginalised and excluded people during Covid-19 in Scotland’ was delivered as part of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) Seminar Series 2021.

Speakers: Professor Sarah Armstrong, Professor Michele Burman and Dr Marguerite Schinkel (all from the University of Glasgow).

This seminar took place on Friday 19th February 2021.

Between July and December 2020 a large team of researchers at Glasgow University explored the experiences of four groups already facing isolation prior to the pandemic: people seeking asylum and refugees; survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence; people under criminal justice control; and people living with disability or long-term health conditions.

This talk provides key findings from that research including the nature of vulnerability faced by many in these groups, with investigators leading on investigation of criminal justice and domestic abuse cohorts speaking to specific findings in these areas. Methodological challenges of researching during a pandemic might also be a topic for discussion.

Full results of the study are reported on the project website: Findings | Scotland in Lockdown

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