Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission 10th Anniversary Research

Published: 2009

Leverick, F., Chalmers, J., Armstrong, S., and McNeill, F. (2010) Part of the establishment? A decade of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission. Scots Law Times (27). pp. 67-71. ISSN 0036-908X.


The report presents the findings of research commissioned by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (‘the Commission’) to mark the 10th anniversary of its establishment. The research commenced on 10 July 2008 and will conclude with the submission of a final report to the Commission by 30 April 2009. The research was undertaken by researchers working within the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, and reviewed the 75 cases referred by the Commission to the High Court of Justiciary sitting as a court of appeal (‘the appeal court’) in the period 1 April 1999 to 31 March 2008. The research aimed to learn more about the references made by the Commission, how its statements of reasons in such cases have been received by the legal profession and the manner in which its grounds of reference have been determined by the court.