Assessment in Criminal Justice

Published: 2007

McIvor, G. (2007) 'Assessment in Criminal Justice'. In: J. Lishman (ed) Handbook for Practice Learning in Social Work and Social Care, Knowledge and Theory. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 138 - 152.


This substantially revised, expanded and updated edition of the popular Handbook of Theory for Practice Teachers is a comprehensive summary of the theory, knowledge, research and evidence relating to practice learning in social care.

Focussing on knowledge-based practice with a focus on improving outcomes, the five sections of the book cover:

  • the reasons and circumstances in which people may become social work service users
  • a holistic consideration of assessment in general and specific contexts, including risk assessment and management
  • methods of intervention, including cognitive behavioural social work, task centred practice, advocacy, crisis intervention, family therapy and group care
  • the legal, policy, research and evidence context in which assessment and intervention occur, as well as interdisciplinary work and organisational aspects of social work practice
  • reflective practice, evaluation and evidence based practice as integral parts of social workers’ engagement with the complex needs of individuals outside the existing parameters of policy or research findings.

This key text is essential reading for students, practitioners and teachers in social work.