An Evaluation of Parenting and Children Together (PACT)

Published: 2008

Burgess, C. and Malloch, M., (2008), 'An Evaluation of Parenting and Children Together (PACT) in HMP Cornton Vale', Stirling:Aberlour Child Care Trust and SCCJR.


This report provides the findings from an evaluation of a pilot parenting programme, set up in 2006 by the National Parenting Development Project (NPDP) in partnership with HMP and YOI Cornton Vale Programmes Unit in Scotland’s only dedicated prison for women.  This pilot is significant as it is the first programme of this type to have been established for women in prison in Scotland and builds on NPDP expertise in intervening with ‘hard to reach’ parents who typically have difficulty in accessing and engaging with services, and the Programme Unit at Cornton Vale’s experience in providing programmes in prison.  This report builds on an interim report produced in 2007.