Youth Offending and Youth Justice

Published: October 2009

This briefing summarises an edited book with the same title, edited by Monica Barry and Fergus McNeill.  The reference for the book is –
Barry, M. and McNeill, F. (Eds.) (2009) Youth Offending and Youth Justice:  Research Highlights in Social Work 52, London: Jessica Kingsley. ISBN 978-1843106890.  The book is available for purchase at

This briefing paper discusses some of the main points raised in the publication focusing on the evidence base about the youth offending rate and trends in youth offending, issues around criminalisation and stigmatisation of young people, and explores responses to youth offending.  The paper makes a number of suggestions about what needs to be done in relation to youth offending but offers no easy answers.

Authors / Editors

Prof Fergus McNeill

University of Glasgow

Research Themes

Young People and Youth Justice