Time for Change Briefing Paper: Summary of Findings

Published: August 2011

This is an evaluation of the pilot Up-2-Us Time for Change Project, which is a gender-specific service targeted at young women aged between 14 and 18 years deemed to be at significantly high risk of admission to secure care or custody.  The research takes a multi-dimensional perspective, by undertaking a set of qualitative interviews with young women attending the project, the professionals or stakeholders working with them as well as the practitioner’s of the Time for Change project itself.  In addition, documentary analysis of the agency’s casefile data of young women has also contributed to the assessment and evaluation of the project’s principal approaches namely: holistic intensive support, gender-specificity, person centred premise and relationship based practice. The research has taken place over the course of the project’s pilot year from April/May 2010 with fieldwork being conducted from August 2010 –March 2011. On 30th June 2011 we hosted a launch event to both raise awareness of this often marginalised area and to present our key findings within the local practice and policy arena.


Authors / Editors

Prof Michele Burman

University of Glasgow

Research Themes

Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice