Taking Stock of Violence in Scotland

Published: September 2019

Approaches to violence prevention have also developed apace over the same period, with increasing acknowledgement of some of the structural inequalities and inequities that shape meanings and experiences of violence. However, there is still work to be done. Whilst many neighbourhoods in Scotland have experienced an overall decline in crime, particular neighbourhoods and communities remain disproportionately affected.

This report seeks to consolidate existing research knowledge about violence in Scotland, broadly defined, drawing on a range of quantitative and qualitative sources. It is not a systematic review; rather it presents a more selective and convenience sampling approach to research that reflects key trends in both research and patterns of the phenomenon under review. The aim is to provide an accessible document that brings together relevant information about the state of violence and violence research, focusing on Scotland, but reflecting wider developments in understanding as a means to inform future research priorities.

The Scottish Government commissioned the report but has not exercised editorial control over the contents. The views expressed are entirely those of the authors.

Authors / Editors

Prof Sarah Armstrong

University of Glasgow

Donna MacLellan

University of Glasgow

Dr Susan Batchelor

University of Glasgow

Research Themes

Evidence, Statistics and Trends

Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

Young People and Youth Justice

Violence, Drugs and Alcohol