Social Work in Criminal Justice

Published: March 2010

Part four of this book.

The SAGE Handbook of Social Work Research provides a comprehensive, internationally-focused account of leading social work research, offering an original and defining statement on contemporary theory and practice within the field.  The groundbreaking Handbook engages critically with the nature and role of social work research and evaluation in contemporary societies around the globe, and asks four key questions:

  • What is the role and purpose of social work research?
  • What contexts shape the practice and purpose of social work research?
  • How can we maximise the quality of the practice of social work research?
  • How can the aims of social work in its varied domains be met through social work research?

Ranging over local, national and international issues, and exploring questions of theory and practice, this is a diverse and constructively organized overview of the field.  It will quickly be recognized as a benchmark in the expanding field of social work research, setting the agenda for future work in the arena.

Authors / Editors

Prof Fergus McNeill

University of Glasgow

Research Themes

General Resources

Research Methods and Criminological Theory

Criminal Justice Process and Institutions