Changing Focus: ‘Drug-related Crime’ and the Criminological Imagination

Published: February 2009

Book summary:

This book brings together a series of writings on the problems facing contemporary criminology, highlighting the main theoretical priorities of critical analysis and their application to substantive case studies of research in action. Its main aim is to establish the conceptual and practical foundations for a new generation of studies in criminology, and to set a new agenda for critical criminology. Each chapter will critically assess the main conceptual and empirical problems they have encountered in their research, and to bring to life the key theoretical debates within the discipline. This book will be essential reading for students seeking an understanding of the nature of the discipline of criminology and criminological research.

  • manifesto for critical criminology
  • explores areas neglected by establishment criminology
  • focus on state crimes

Authors / Editors

Prof Margaret Malloch

University of Stirling

Research Themes

Research Methods and Criminological Theory

Violence, Drugs and Alcohol