Improving research use in the third sector: Project report

Published: December 2012

This project report details the process and findings of a project to improve research use in the third sector undertaken between July 2011 – July 2012, funded by the ESRC (RES-173-27-0231).The project involved undertaking an audit of research use prior to the project, undertaking a range of activities aimed at improving research use across the organisation and evaluating the impact of these different activities.

Through the project focused on improving research use within one third sector organisation, Apex Scotland, it generated a number of findings and reflections likely to be of interest for those (particularly third sector organisations) seeking to improve their research use. The project also generated reflections likely to be of interest to academics looking to increase the impact of their research for third sector organisations.

The project was funded through the ESRC’s third-sector placement fellowship scheme and involved the principal investigator, Claire Lightowler, working with Apex Scotland for one day a week over the course of the year.

In addition to this report other resources are available, including, a lessons learnt summary, case study, response by Apex to the findings. See the Improving research use in the third sector project webpage for further details.


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