ESRC/SFC Scoping Study into Quantitative Methods Capacity Building in Scotland: Research Report to ESRC and SFC.

Published: November 2008

There has been widespread concern about a UK-wide deficit in quantitative skills amongst social scientists since the 1960s, especially in relation to the rapid pace of change within the industry and the lack of adequately trained computing scientists. Despite experiencing a relatively industrious period in the late 1960s and 1970s, Scotland’s provision of quantitative methods within social science is now extremely patchy and as bad, if not worse, than that in the rest of the UK.  Scotland has a similar demographic profile to the rest of the UK in terms of social sciences; but Scottish Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) are under-represented in other respects (e.g. representation at the Essex Summer School).

Authors / Editors

Prof Susan McVie OBE FRSE

Research Themes

Evidence, Statistics and Trends