Crime and Social Change in Middle England: Questions of Order in an English Town

Published: February 2009

Crime and Social Change in Middle England explores the centrality of questions of crime and disorder in the lives of the population of one moderately prosperous provincial town apparently far removed from the world of inner city crime. Through the voices of the inhabitants themselves the authors explore issues central to the study of crime in contemporary society:

  • youth and crime
  • public order
  • drugs
  • policing
  • home security

Their stories show not only how crime and crime prevention are woven into people’s everyday lives, but also how crime and disorder are areas in which the particular and the local perpetually intersect with wider national and global forces.

Crime and Social Change in Middle England will be of interest to students of criminology, sociology and urban studies, and to professionals working in the fields of crime prevention and community safety.

Authors / Editors

Prof Richard Sparks

University of Edinburgh

Research Themes

Young People and Youth Justice

Criminal Justice Process and Institutions

Violence, Drugs and Alcohol