Bar-room Approaches to Prevention

Published: December 2012

Barrooms are an obvious setting for alcohol-related violence prevention. Pubs, nightclubs and other outlets are locations where a great deal of alcohol-related disorder takes place. Consequently, and because licensed premises are the point-of-sale for alcoholic beverages, barrooms are also important settings for interventions aimed at reducing harm. Additionally, the public nature of barrooms make these ideal venues in which to conduct research aimed at understanding alcohol-related aggression, and for making assessments of the effectiveness of alcohol policy reforms, including violence reduction interventions. “By referring to a growing body of research evidence, this book chapter looks at the factors which govern barroom violence risk, how these factors interact, and the difficulties in attributing success to specific barroom violence prevention interventions. This chapter will focus on barroom-level interventions which are designed to reduce alcohol-related violence harm. That is, on harm reduction measures taken by or within barroom premises, rather than on control of consumption policies directed towards broader alcohol licensing law or policing…

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