Banning glassware from nightclubs in Glasgow (Scotland): Observed impacts, compliance and patron’s views

Published: November 2008

Aim: To examine the impact of a glassware ban policy on disorder-related harm within licensed premises (nightclubs) and how this action was viewed by their patrons. Methods: Field observations were conducted in a sample of eight nightclubs following the introduction of this policy across all such venues within a city centre. These observations involved both quantitative and qualitative data collection observing violence in a naturalistic setting, and were supplemented by taped in-depth interviews with nightclub patrons. Results: Exemptions to the ban had enabled some premises (three out of eight) to continue to serve alcoholic drinks in glass vessels, and injurious violence resulting from these practices was observed. Disorder in all-plastic venues was observed to incur less injury risk. Patrons also reported feeling safer in these nightclubs than in others. Conclusions: This research demonstrated the potential of such policy to reduce the severity of alcohol-related violence in the night-time economy. It is recommended that future bans of this nature be tailored towards the elimination of all types of glassware from such premises.

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Violence, Drugs and Alcohol