A review of the 2006 Scottish crime and victimisation survey: Victim file and victimisation rates

Published: December 2010

This report aims to address several concerns around the calculation of victimisation rates from the 2006 Scottish Crime and Victimisation Survey (SCVS). Analysis of the original data revealed some problems with labelling of the data in the Victim Form dataset and some missing variables. Therefore, a review of the data and a check on the victimisation rates for 2006 was requested by Scottish Government. This review found that that there were errors in the victimisation rates and estimates published in the report for the 2006 survey (Brown and Bolling 2007). This report outlines the work done during the course of this review and presents a new set of victimisation rates and estimates that are comparable with previous crime surveys carried out in Scotland.

Authors / Editors

Prof Susan McVie OBE FRSE