In November 2009, SCCJR were commissioned by the Scottish Government to identify and collate available qualitative and quantitative research data and information about youth violence in Scotland. The review draws on available sources of data from administrative sources (recorded crime, criminal proceedings, school exclusions, referrals to the Children’s Hearings System) and from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) in order to construct a picture of what is known about youth violence using official data sources. It also draws on the range of primarily, but not solely, qualitative research studies that have been undertaken within Scotland over the past 15-20 years. These studies have been funded by a range of sources, including local and central government, research councils and charities.  Whilst some have focussed specifically on youth violence, others had a broader research remit in relation to youth offending in general, or were focused on aspects of youth lifestyles, or youth identities. The report from this work should be published in summer 2010.

Young People and Youth Justice

Violence, Drugs and Alcohol

Associated People

Dr Susan Batchelor

University of Glasgow

Prof Michele Burman

University of Glasgow

Prof Susan McVie OBE FRSE

Professor Alistair Fraser

University of Glasgow