This research seeks to improve understanding about repeat violence victimisation (RVV) in Scotland, adopting a qualitative methodology that explores the views and experiences of people with lived experience of RVV, particularly those living in deprived neighbourhoods.

Research aims and objectives

The aims of developing the evidence base on RVV, set out in the research specification, are summarised below:

(i) To help improve support for victims in Scotland, by providing evidence on the support needs and experiences of those who are victims of the most hidden and stigmatised forms of violence, and who therefore tend to be less likely to seek and access services.
(ii) To inform policy decisions to prevent and reduce violent offending in Scotland, particularly by developing an understanding of the relationship between RVV and violent offending in adults.
(iii) To contribute to the development of policing strategies in Scotland, by providing data on the factors that increase vulnerability to repeat victimisation amongst high risk groups.

These aims will be achieved through the following empirical objectives:

• Exploring the characteristics and contexts/circumstances of those who experience interpersonal RVV, including: people with particular equalities characteristics, people who live in deprived communities, people with convictions, and people with multiple complex needs;
• Examining victim-survivors’ understandings and experiences of RVV, focusing on the nature, context, and timing of RVV (exploring its relationship to other forms of victimization and/or offending, alongside intersecting forms of vulnerability and harm);
• Assessing the impact of RVV on victim-survivors, e.g. in relation to health and wellbeing, relationships and social inclusion/exclusion; and
• Considering victims’ experiences of seeking help and support, including barriers to access and views on which forms of support would be most helpful in future.


The final report was published Monday 4 September, 2023 on the Scottish Government website: Repeat violence in Scotland: a qualitative approach – (


Young People and Youth Justice

Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

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Dr Caitlin Gormley

University of Glasgow

Dr Susan Batchelor

University of Glasgow

Dr Marguerite Schinkel

University of Glasgow