The Scottish UP Network brings together those currently running or interested in university initiatives in Scottish prisons. It provides a forum for: learning about initiatives; collecting resources to support and develop activities as well as sharing and reflecting on practices; building collaborations within Scotland and beyond; and developing strategies of evaluation, to define and understand the value of university engagement of prison.

The UP Network was founded by Sarah Armstrong (Glasgow) and Anne Schwan (Edinburgh Napier) who act as co-convenors. As a loose grouping of diverse institutions and activities, we do not seek to impose a particular philosophy or approach to university engagement of prisons, but we do aim to offer an independent platform for those in universities to develop and reflect on their own practices and aims for prison-based educational and other activity, while maintaining a commitment to productive dialogue with SPS and individual institutions of confinement.

A website is under construction which will feature projects and contacts involving the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh Napier, Dundee, Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Stirling, Open University, St Andrews, Aberdeen, Royal Conservatoire, Glasgow School of Art, West of Scotland, and more.

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Criminal Justice Process and Institutions

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Prof Sarah Armstrong

University of Glasgow

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