This project, led by Professor Liz Kelly and Jo Lovett of CWASU, London Metropolitan University was funded under the European Commission, Daphne II Programme. The project set out to research attrition of rape cases in the European context, across 11 countries with
varying judicial systems and cultures. The research sought to explore in detail the factors involved in attrition of rape cases and the points at which it occurs. Michele undertook the Scottish component of the research, working with police and prosecutors in order to access a sample of 100 consecutive cases of rape reported to police. These cases were then tracked through the criminal justice system. In May 2009 the findings were presented to an audience of policy makers, practitioners, and representatives from the third sector, following which Michele has presented this work to a diverse range of academic and policy audiences in Ireland, Spain and Scotland.  Click here to access the final report or the country specific briefings.

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Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

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Prof Michele Burman

University of Glasgow