Darkness: Dr Anna Souhami

Episode 1


Season 1

5th November 2020 | Dr Anna Souhami | 44:09

Our first episode is about darkness with Dr Anna Souhami, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Edinburgh.

Anna takes us on an audio trip to Shetland, around 200 miles north of the Scottish mainland, where she researched policing on the periphery and discovered how the dark skies loomed large in people’s daily lives.

“It struck me even on that first day; the sea and the weather and the light and the darkness was so fundamental and central to life in Shetland, and how could they not be to policing on Shetland also?”

Host: Dr Alistair Fraser

Produced and edited by Rachelle Cobain and Mark Cunningham

Follow Anna on twitter via: @AnnaSouhami

Music: ‘Rewind’ by Donna Maciocia and Sean H available to download from the Distant Voices EP ‘Looking at Colours Again’.

Poems written by Christine de Luca www.christinedeluca.co.uk/

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