Are you Listening? Shining a Light on Domestic Abuse in Scotland

Episode 2


Season 3

21st November 2022 | Dr Emma Forbes | 34:28

Dr Emma Forbes joins us in this episode to describe her extraordinary project GlassWalls which uses the medium of stained glass to shine a light on domestic abuse in Scotland.

Emma talks to Rachelle Cobain about each of the glass panels and the stories they tell us about victim/survivors and how law and society has viewed domestic abuse over the last few decades.

The panels are part of a collaboration between the women at the Daisy Project in Glasgow along with Charles Provan and Brian Waugh from Wasps Studios.

You can see photographs of all the panels on the GlassWalls website https://glasswallsart.com/

The Daisy Project provides domestic abuse advocacy and support https://thedaisyproject.org.uk/

With special thanks to Jo Mango and the women of the Daisy Project who wrote the song ‘Are you Listening?’ which is played at the end of the episode.

Hosted/Produced/Edited by Rachelle Cobain, Communications Officer at SCCJR

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