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Working title of PhD: Exploring the pathway between interventions and desistance from crime

Year commenced: 2024

Institution: University of Glasgow

Funding Source: HMPPS

Full or Part-time: Full time

PhD Supervisors: Fergus McNeill and Marguerite Schinkel

Synopsis of PhD: 

This research explores a novel intervention created by HMPPS CFO (HM Prison and Probation Service, Creating Future Opportunities). This intervention is one of many initiatives from HMPPS in support of their overall aims to ‘reduce recidivism and change lives.’ The intervention, CFO Evolution, intends to create rehabilitation wings within prisons across England whereby intervention will be delivered within an environment ‘conducive to resettlement’. Offenders enrolled on the intervention will then have through the gate support with access to a community activity hub where they can continue to receive ongoing support. While figures of reoffending is one key measure of success and an overall goal of HMPPS, the premise of this research expands on this to explore beyond the outcomes of this intervention, to understand not only what works or by how much it works, but to further our understanding of how it works, where it works and who it works for. This will be achieved through ethnographic research methods. It is widely acknowledged that desistance from crime is not a linier process and by developing understanding of how interventions contribute to desistance from crime, processes can be strengthened, and policy influenced.

Keywords: Rehabilitation, desistance from crime, reducing reoffending



University of Glasgow

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Crime, Violence and Inequality

Punishment, Citizenship and Communities

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