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Working Title of PhD: Constituting Violence: Women’s Experiences of Gender-Based Violence in Rural Scotland

Year commenced PhD study: 2020

Institution/Organisation: University of Glasgow

Funding Source: The Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education

Full or part-time: Full-time

PhD Supervisors: Professor Michele Burman and Dr Oona Brooks-Hay

Synopsis of PhD:

Although gender-based violence is widely researched and rural gender-based violence literature has been gradually increasing since the early 1990s, it is still one of the least studied phenomena. In Scotland, as in other parts of the world, there is very limited research-based knowledge on gender-based violence that takes place in rural communities and how this is experienced by those subjected to it. Aiming to contribute to filling the gap in the literature as one of the first attempts to understand gender-based violence experiences of women in rural Scotland, this research explores how women experience and deal with gender-based violence within the rural communities taking a feminist intersectional approach. The research adopts a qualitative approach through the use of in-depth semi-structured interviews to explore women’s ‘lived experiences’, allow them to tell their stories and provide their own realities, in their own words, of their experience and how best their needs might be met. Qualitative interviews will be conducted with service providers working with women who have experienced gender-based violence and living in rural communities and with women living in rural communities who have experienced gender-based violence.



University of Glasgow


Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research
Ivy Lodge
63 Gibson Street
G12 8LR

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Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

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