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Tia graduated from a Doctoral program in 2021 at Strathclyde University with a degree in Criminology.

Her study was an exploratory, qualitative study looking at prisoners’ experiences of bereavement in carceral contexts using Descriptive Phenomenology as a framework for analysis. Her Master’s thesis was a quantitative outcome evaluation of one juvenile detention center in the United States, and she is interested in using diverse methodological approaches to examining social problems. Her research interests revolve around institutional corrections, but she has also been involved in projects examining pathways in and out of crime; public views of policing during Covid-19; as well as students’ perceptions of teaching and learning during the pandemic.

She is currently a Research Associate at the University of Hull.



University of Hull & University of Strathclyde

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Criminal Justice Process and Institutions

December 2023

SJF Briefing: Bereavement and Imprisonment: Prisoners’ experiences of death-related grief

This Scottish Justice Fellowship briefing by Dr Tia Simanovic provides an overview of key messages from her doctoral research on […]

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20th April 2022

Scottish Justice Fellowship Winners Announced