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Working title of PhD: Understanding Honour Killings: A Critical Case Study of Pakistan

Full/Part-time: Full time

Year Commenced: 2023

Supervisors: Dr Melanie McCarry and Dr Micheal Higgins


The research looks at the representation of honour killings in Pakistan within domestic and international discourses to track similarities and differences midst them to better understand the increase of honor related crimes in spite of numerous legislations.

The methodological approach, since the study is qualitative in nature considering the cultural contestations around the concept, touches upon Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) of international reports/news coverage/documentation of six most streamlined cases of Pakistan followed by interviews from key domestic stakeholders in Pakistan.

Broadly the research falls in the realm of post colonial feminism, since that too is concerned with the gap between mainstream first world understandings of such issues and third world’s own, that generally leads to emancipatory norms being diffused from former to the latter.

Keywords: Gender Based Violence, Honour Killings, Post Colonial Feminism



University of Strathclyde

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Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

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