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Working Title of PhD:Emotions and Security: The Exploration of Emotional Labour Within the Security Environment of a Hybrid Space

Year commenced PhD study: 2020 

Institution/Organisation: University of Edinburgh

Funding Source (if any): University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow Jointly Funded PhD studentship

Full or part-time: Full time

 PhD Supervisors: Dr Alistair Henry, University of Edinburgh  and Dr Julie Berg, University of Glasgow

Synopsis of PhD:

Robert plans to contribute to the overall understanding of how emotional labour is experienced by various security actors within a hybrid security environment context by applying a mixed method approach in order to map out how emotional labour manifests within a hybrid security space. There has been little, to no research focused on the emotional aspect of such mixed systems and the impact emotions have on the rituals and routines of everyday security in hybrid environments where the maintenance of order and orderliness is paramount. This project aims to explore how emotional labor manifests within the various forms of security operating in conjunction with each other in hybrid spaces and also if emotional labor can be utilized as an analytical toolset in order to help better understand how emotions contribute to the maintenance of security in a hybrid environment. Emotions play a huge role in managing mass private property, especially in mass transport hubs where the security focus is on maintaining a sense of calm and order within the space. Broadly speaking, his research will be structured to investigate, and map three interconnected areas: the governance and management landscape of hybrid security spaces, the emotional landscape of security actors within hybrid spaces, and the measurement of emotional labor within hybrid spaces.



University of Edinburgh

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