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Working Title of PhD: Understanding Human Trafficking of Women in Manipur, India.

Year commenced PhD study: January 2019 Institution/Organisation: University of Stirling

Funding Source (if any): Indian Government Full or part-time: Full- time

PhD Supervisors: Dr. Niall Hamilton Smith and Dr. Paul Rigby

Synopsis of PhD:
The research aims to study the broader understanding of human trafficking in the state of Manipur, India, which will focus on women’s position in the labour market in relation to economic aspects. It is concerned about how neoliberal globalisation functions in the contemporary world, especially in low- economies countries and the potential relationship between growing inequality and the growth of various forms of exploitation. This research questions the impacts of globalisation and recent regional economic development on women’s employment in the changing labour market. This research is to explore and draws on a wide range of interdisciplinary sources that relate directly or indirectly to human trafficking, and exploitation as key fields. The research seeks to explore the potential risks, vulnerability and exploitation of women’s experiences in the global economy. Also, it is to develop critical criminological approaches by conducting an empirical research study, thus focusing on feminist methodology and historical- structuralist theoretical framework. The research may explicitly or implicitly contribute to our understanding of the experiences of women who rely on the global labour market.

Keywords: Neoliberalism, exploitation, labour market



University of Stirling


University Of Stirling,
Colin Bell Building

Research Themes

Globalisation, Harm and Social Justice

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