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Simon is Professor of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington and a member of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at the University of Glasgow.

He is a socio-legal criminologist with a law degree from Edinburgh followed by several years of legal practice, an MPhil in criminological research from Cambridge and a PhD in criminology from Melbourne. He is author of Going, Going, Gone: Regulating the Market in Illicit Antiquities (2005), which won the British Society of Criminology book prize in 2006. With Penny Green, he conducted an ESRC funded evaluation of the Dealing in Cultural Objects (Offences) Act 2003, with the results published in their edited collection Criminology and Archaeology: Studies in Looted Antiquities, Oñati International Series in Law and Society (2009). He has held grants and research contracts from bodies including the ESRC, AHRC, UNODC, European Commission, UK Home Office, and in the case of the Trafficking Culture project, the European Research Council.

As well as coordinating the Trafficking Culture project, Simon is Programme Director for SCCJR’s MSc in Transnational Crime, Justice and Security, Associate Editor of the Howard Journal for Criminal Justice, a member of the editorial board of the British Journal of Criminology, and sits on the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Peer Review College. His main research interests are in white-collar crime, organised crime, policing and regulation, and transnational criminal markets.



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Research Themes

Crimes of the Powerful: organised, white collar and state crime

February 2017

Trafficking Cultural Objects and Human Rights

Excerpt: Since the end of the second world war, international cultural heritage protection law and its domestic legal components have […]

Collectors on illicit collecting: higher loyalties and other techniques of neutralization in the unlawful collecting of rare and precious orchids and antiquities


Do we need a Kimberley Process for the Illicit Antiquities Trade?


Organised Crime in Scotland


Trafficking in Cultural Objects: an Empirical Overview

This paper reviews a selection of the main empirical studies in the field of the international illicit trade in cultural […]


Measuring Police Impact on Organised Crime: Performance Management and Harm Reduction

Purpose – This paper aims to analyse and critique common performance indicators for the policing of organised crime, and to […]


The Market as Criminal and Criminals in the Market: Reducing Opportunities for Organised Crime in the International Antiquities Market

What is the relationship between organised crime and the antiquities market? There are two senses in which we can use […]


Trafficking Antiquities

International crime and justice is an emerging field that covers international and transnational crimes that have not been the focus […]


The Geometry of Shadows: a Critical Review of Organised Crime Risk Assessments

This article reports on a research project that aimed to review existing law enforcement approaches to assessing the risk posed […]


Counterfeiting as Corporate Externality: Intellectual Property Crime and Global Insecurity

Corporate negative externalities occur when corporations place some of the costs of their profit-seeking activity onto society. This paper suggests […]

22nd July 2015

A Systematic Review of Police Interventions against Serious Organised Crime

This research project is being undertaken as one of the work packages included in a series coordinated by the What […]

10th December 2014

The Governance of Security and the Analysis of Risk for Sporting Mega Events

Overview In July, 2014 Glasgow played host to the Commonwealth Games (G2014), the largest event ever hosted by Scotland.   Large-scale international sporting events, like the […]

4th February 2011

Public procurement processes and resillience against infiltration of organized crime

Ongoing.  A collaborative project being undertaken with the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcment Agency with the support of the Scottish […]

24th May 2010

Policing organised crime: effectively measuring performance

SCCJR was commissioned by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) to help them review their existing performance indicators. […]

27th April 2010

Circles of Support and Accountability

Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA or Circles) have been operating in Canada and England for several years. Following a […]

15th April 2010

A Rapid Evidence Assessment of the Drivers of Perception of Anti-Social Behaviour

This rapid evidence assessment was requested and funded by the Home Office in 2009.  Non-SCCJR colleagues John Flint and Sadie […]

27th November 2009

Building Safer Communities: ESRC Engaging with Scottish Local Authorities initiaitve

This collaborative project between the Scottish Community Safety Network and the Universities of Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh aims to support […]

14th January 2009

The International Market in Illicit Antiquities

Simon Mackenzie has conducted two empirical research projects into looted antiquities to date.  The first was a study of the […]

18th November 2008

Community Policing in Scotland

This AHRC funded knowledge transfer project runs from Jan 2009 to Dec 2011. It involves working with the Scottish police […]

25th May 2008

Organised Crime Mapping Project

Simon Mackenzie and Niall Hamilton-Smith worked in collaboration with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency […]

17th December 2015

SCCJR researchers contribute to free book on the trafficking of cultural goods

21st October 2015

SCCJR contributes to Crime, Justice and Society in Scotland

2nd September 2015

Trafficking Culture team present at European archaeology conference

27th November 2012

Announcing the Trafficking and Culture Website