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Gill’s research has focused primarily on community sanctions, with particular interests in women in the criminal justice system, problem-solving courts and criminal justice responses to drug-related crime. Since 2018 Gill has been an Emeritus Professor of Criminology at the University of Stirling but continue to be involved in research and scholarship. Gill’s most recent work has focused on parole. This has included a survey of Scottish prisoners’ experiences of the parole process, co-editorship of a themed edition on parole of Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health and the organisation, with Professor Nicky Padfield, of a webinar on parole and mental health under the auspices of the organisation Crime in Mind (www.crimeinmind.co.uk). Gill is currently a member of the Scottish Prison Service Women’s Strategy Advisory Group.

Recent publications

Kelly L, McIvor G & Richard K (2020) Prisoners’ understanding and experiences of parole. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 30 (6), pp. 321-330. https://doi.org/10.1002/cbm.2178.

McIvor G & Padfield N (2020) CBMH themed edition on parole. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 30 (6), pp. 285-289. https://doi.org/10.1002/cbm.2185.

McIvor G (2019) Women and resettlement in Europe. In: Pruin I, Dünkel F & Storgaard A (eds.) Prisoner Resettlement in Europe. Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice. London: Routledge, pp. 456-478.



University of Stirling

Research Themes

Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

September 2018

Review of the Aberdeen Problem-Solving Approach

The Aberdeen Problem-Solving Approach (PSA) has been running in Aberdeen Sheriff Court since November 2015 (for women) and since August […]

Evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund

The aim of this evaluation was to assess the extent to which the Public Social Partnerships model delivers effective mentoring […]


A comparison: criminalised women in Scotland Women and Criminal Justice


Scottish and International Review of the Uses of Electronic Monitoring

Review providing a bounded overview of Scottish and international evidence and experience of the uses, purposes and impact of electronic […]


Violence against women: effective interventions and practices with perpetrators

The key focus of the report is on reviewing evidence about reducing re-offending in crimes of violence against women. The […]


The Elements of Effective Through-Care Part 1: International Review

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report forms Part 1 of a two-part review of the elements of effective through-care. It examines the […]


Unpaid work as an alternative to imprisonment for fine default in Austria and Scotland


International Evidence Review of Conditional (Suspended) Sentences

This review presents international evidence on the effect of conditional sentences on: sentencing practices (including possible net widening effects), reoffending […]


Judicial engagement: lessons from problem solving courts


Women, Punishment and Social Justice: Human Rights and Penal Practices

The prison has often been the focus for concerns about human rights violations, and campaigns aimed at achieving social justice, […]

1st June 2012

COST Action IS1106 – Offender Supervision in Europe

Offender supervision in Europe has developed rapidly in scale, distribution and intensity in recent years. However, the emergence of ‘mass […]

24th May 2010

Reconviction among Drug Court participants

The aim of the project was to assess whether the pilot drug courts had successful in bringing about reductions in […]

24th May 2010

Reconviction among young people sentenced in the pilot Youth Courts

This project was to assess whether the pilot Youth Courts were more effective in bringing about reductions in recidivism, reconviction […]

21st May 2010

Understanding the drivers of the female prison population in Scotland

SCCJR are undertaking some analysis aimed at identifying factors that may have contributed to the increased use of female imprisonment […]

11th March 2010

Analysis of Supervision Skills by Juvenile Justice Workers

This research, funded by the Australian Criminology Research Council, is examining the nature and effectiveness of different styles of supervision […]

11th March 2010

A profile of female offenders within the Lothian and Borders

Understanding the characteristics and needs of women in the criminal justice system is a first step towards the development of […]

11th March 2010

Evaluation of the Women in Focus Programme

The Women in Focus Programme is aimed at reducing the number of women imprisoned from the South West Scotland Community […]

11th March 2010

Women, Punishment and Community Sanctions – Human Rights and Social Justice

The core objective of the programme will be to draw upon international knowledge and expertise to critically assess cross cultural […]

11th March 2010

A Comparative Analysis of Community Service in Belgium, Holland, Scotland and Spain

This project is being undertaken for a special issue of the European Journal of Probation. An analytical framework has been […]

14th April 2008

Juvenile Justice in New South Wales

description forthcoming

4th October 2016

Radical plans to extend tagging of offenders

30th June 2016

Research shows growing support for changes to the use of electronic monitoring tagging in Scotland

15th February 2016

Mentoring helps cut reoffending, SCCJR researchers find

26th August 2015

Electronic Monitoring: Tagging Technologies in Criminal Justice