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Working Title of PhD: Law and the Male Gender: A Case Study of Domestic Violence in Nigeria

Year commenced PhD study: 2021

Institution/Organisation: University of Glasgow

Full or part-time: Full time

 PhD Supervisors: Prof Michele Burman and Dr Oona Brooks-Hay 

Synopsis of PhD:

The main aim of Funmi’s study is to determine the forms of domestic violence that is prominent against men in Nigeria, to consider how the law and society responds to domestic violence against men in Nigeria considering social-cultural and religious factors, and if this response has contributed to an increase in domestic violence against men.

Research Questions

  1. What forms of domestic violence against men are prevalent in Nigeria?
  2. What does the Nigerian society consider as domestic violence against men?
  3. What is the position of the law and how does the law deal with domestic violence against men in Nigeria?
  4. How sufficient are the available legislation on domestic violence in Nigeria in addressing domestic violence considering social-cultural and religion factors?

Research Methods

The research design to be adopted is a cross-sectional descriptive survey, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. The qualitative method will involve detailed interviews and Focus Group discussions with male victims of domestic violence, law enforcement officers, community stakeholders, advocacy groups and some members of the judiciary on how domestic violence matters against men are handled by the law and how the Nigerian cultural society reacts and contributes to domestic violence against men. The quantitative method will involve use of questionnaires to determine how the general public views domestic violence against men, what they perceived as domestic violence and if they believe it occurs.




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