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Nina is the Research Lead at the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ) which aims to support improvements in youth justice policy and practice. CYCJ is primarily funded by the Scottish Government and hosted by the University of Strathclyde.

Nina oversees the Research Programme at CYCJ, which includes synthesising existing research to make it accessible to practitioners and policymakers, as well as primary research activities. Nina’s own research interests mainly focus on the experiences of loss, bereavement and trauma among young people, particularly those in marginalised groups such as young people in custody, or young people in care. Nina is also interested in research related to gender, masculinity, vulnerability and offending behaviours.

Recent publications

Vaswani, N. (2018). ‘Beyond loss of liberty. How loss, bereavement and grief can affect young men’s prison journeys’. In Read, S., Santatzoglou, S. and Wrigley, A. (eds.) Loss, Dying and Bereavement in the Criminal Justice System, Abingdon: Routledge, pages

Vaswani, N. (2018). Learning from failure: are practitioner researchers the answer when conducting research on sensitive topics with vulnerable children and young people? International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 21(4), 499-512.

Vaswani, N. (2018). Adverse Childhood Experiences in children at high risk of harm to others: A gendered perspective. Glasgow: Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.

Nolan, D, Dyer, F. and Vaswani, N. (2017). ‘Just a wee boy not cut out for prison’: Policy and reality in children and young people’s journeys through justice in Scotland. Criminology & Criminal Justice, Online First https://doi.org/10.1177/1748895817745347

Vaswani, N., Paul, S. & Papadodimitraki, Y. (2016). Our Lives With Others: An Evaluation of Trauma, Bereavement and Loss Developments at HMYOI Polmont. Glasgow: Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.

Vaswani, N. (2015). A catalogue of losses: implications for the care and reintegration of young men in custody. Prison Service Journal. 220, p. 26-35

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Lightowler, C., Orr, D. & Vaswani, N. (2014). Youth Justice in Scotland: Fixed in the Past or Fit for the Future? Glasgow: Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.

Vaswani, N. (2014). Encouraging Help-Seeking Behaviours among Vulnerable Young Men: a Review of the Literature. Glasgow: Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.

Vaswani, N. (2014). The ripples of death: Exploring the bereavement experiences and mental health of young men in custody. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice.

Vaswani, N. & Merone, L. (2013). Are there risks with risk assessment? A study of the predictive accuracy of the youth level of service–case management inventory with young offenders in Scotland. British Journal of Social Work.



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