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Paul completed a PhD with the SCCJR in 2014 in which he investigated the role of the ideology of reparation inherent in Scotland’s Community Payback Order.

The Order, in policy at least, focused upon reparation as a means to reintegrate offenders back into the community, representing a shift away from retributive practices towards a relationally beneficent approach. By ethnographically studying the working practices of Criminal Justice Social Workers’, his study presents the Order’s articulation of reparation as practiced. His research interests focus upon the intersection between sentencing practices and communicative theories.

Upon completion of his PhD, Paul became a Research Assistant with the SCCJR, and was involved with evaluating the Whole System Approach with regards to Youth Justice in Scotland.






University of Sussex


University of Sussex
Sussex House


Evaluation of the Whole System Approach to Young People Who Offend in Scotland

The Scottish Government’s Whole System Approach for Children and Young People who Offend (WSA) aims to prevent unnecessary use of […]


The use and impact of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974):Final Report

1. This research arises from a current Government review of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974). It considers how recent […]


International Evidence Review of Conditional (Suspended) Sentences

This review presents international evidence on the effect of conditional sentences on: sentencing practices (including possible net widening effects), reoffending […]


Changes to Scotland’s Criminal Justice System Post-Devolution….

This Report collates and describes the key legislation and policies and major procedural reviews introduced since Devolution, which have led […]

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17th June 2015

SCCJR evaluation finds Whole System Approach to youth justice boosts partnership working