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Working Title of PhD: Carving out space for queer* subjectivities beyond the fear/safety binary

Year commenced PhD study: 2021

Institution/Organisation: University of Edinburgh

Funding: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Award (Law) PhD Scholarship

Full or part-time: Full-time

PhD Supervisors: Prof Richard Sparks and Dr Rae Rosenberg

Synopsis of PhD

The project constitutes an effort to give materiality to some queer* subjectivities within the criminological, and wider academic, discourse about fear and safety and how these interact with the space(s) one occupies. It interrogates the predominant sociopolitical, as well as epistemological, perception of linearity from fearful/normative/oppressive/exclusionary spaces to safe/queer/emancipatory/inclusive ones, as the trajectories of queer* lives are rarely linear. This PhD will use qualitative, participatory methods in hopes of allowing queer* people to manifest their own imaginings of queer* safe spaces. The term ‘queer’ is marked with an asterisk to denote this project’s aspiration to address its multiple shortcomings when employed as a linguistic, conceptual and analytical tool in research.

themes: Safe spaces Fear of victimisation Queer criminology




University of Edinburgh

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