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Working Title of PhD: Children and Young People’s involvement in Domestic Homicide Reviews

Year commenced PhD study: 2020

Institution/Organisation: University of Stirling

Funding Source: University of Stirling

Full or part-time: Full Time

PhD Supervisors: Prof Jane Callaghan and Prof Margaret Malloch

Synopsis of PhD:

This research aims to develop an understanding of children’s experiences and perceptions of Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs). DHRs are multi-agency statutory reviews conducted in England, Wales and Northern Ireland following the death of a person resulting from domestic abuse. The purpose of DHRs is to learn lessons from the homicide with regards how professionals and organisations worked individually and collaboratively to safeguard the victim, ultimately seeking to prevent future homicides and improve service responses for all domestic abuse victims and their children.

Working with children, their families and the professionals who support them, this research seeks to explore the barriers and enablers to children’s participation in the review process. The study will also explore how concepts of children’s participation rights, bearing witness and reparations are embedded in and enacted within DHRs, and whether there are opportunities to strengthen the application of these concepts in the process.

This study adopts a participatory framework to fully engage children and their trusted family members who have experienced domestic homicide. Given the range of stakeholders connected to the DHR process, we will also be engaging with partner agencies, charitable organisations, and professionals providing homicide support. A mixed method approach comprising interviews and a qualitative survey will be undertaken.

In terms of dissemination, it is anticipated that the knowledge generated will provide the bases for evidence-based practice recommendations to help stakeholders and professionals in supporting children’s meaningful participation in DHRs.



University of Stirling

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