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Karyn is SCCJR’s Knowledge Exchange Officer and PhD Student.


Working title: The impact of mental health on justice experienced women living in the community in Scotland

Institution: University of Strathclyde

Full time or Part time: Part-time

Year commenced: 2019

PhD Supervisors: Neil Quinn and Beth Weaver

Funding Source: Strathclyde University and NHS Lothian

Research questions:

1. How do women involved in community justice feel their mental health impacts their experiences within the community?
2. How do women understand and experience stigmas and their sources, and how does this impact and effect their daily lives?
3. In what ways do women cope with these experiences, their impacts and effects, and what enables or constrains their abilities to cope?
4. How does the women’s relationship to community justice shape and influence these experiences, and does this support or inhibit recovery?

I have used a mixture of diary keeping, walking interviews, photo elicitation and semi-structured interviews with justice experienced women for this research. Initial findings were then used to inform semi-structured interviews with their workers to ascertain their perspectives and also investigate their approaches to working with the women and how they feel about the effectiveness of their practice in this context.

Recent publications

The Collateral Consequences of Criminal Records Christensen, E., Jardine, C., Kennedy, A., Mabon, K., Taylor, E. & Weaver, B., 14 May 2021, Glasgow: University of Strathclyde, 6 p. https://pureportal.strath.ac.uk/en/publications/the-collateral-consequences-of-criminal-records



University of Strathclyde

Research Themes

Punishment, Citizenship and Communities

Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

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13th February 2024

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30th May 2022


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