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Working Title of PhD: Exploring Community Based Justice Policies, Practices and Initiatives for Women in Scotland

Year commenced PhD study: 2018

Institution/ Organisation: University of Stirling

Funding Source: ESRC

Full or part-time: Part-Time

PhD Supervisors: Prof Margaret Malloch & Dr Hannah Graham

PhD Synopsis: 

My PhD aims to explore whether the gender-specific needs of women with convictions are catered for within national community justice policies and localised practices and services both imposed on and offered to women in the community across Scotland.

To do this, the project brings together secondary analysis of relevant emerging Scottish policies with the primary perspectives and experiences of strategic and frontline workers across a range of statutory and third sector community justice partners who supervise, support and work with criminalised women across Scotland.

Overarchingly, this project aims to:

  • To understand what ideological, social and political priorities shape and are shaped by the official discourse relevant to women punished and supported within the community in Scotland
  • To explore what the key priorities for the workforce who oversee and deliver community justice provision for women Scotland are.

In exploring the translation of policy into practice within the intersecting areas of gender-responsive justice and community-based justice this study critically questions whether what is done on to and with women with convictions in Scotland accounts for their gender-specific needs. In particular, this project is interested in understanding if – and how – the growing policy and academic interest in supporting desistance within Scotland informs or impacts how women are punished and supported across the community justice sector.



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