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Jenn is Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at the University of Glasgow. Her research examines the lived experiences of economic abuse of victim-survivors in Scotland and the role of finances in deciding to separate from an abusive partner. As part of her research work on economic abuse, Jenn has undertaken award-winning research collaborations with the Royal Bank of Scotland and was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Violence against Women and Children at Rutgers University in New Jersey in 2020.

Jenn holds an LL.M. in International Human Rights Law and a MRes in Public Policy Research.

Her research interests include economic abuse, domestic abuse, violence against women, intersectional feminism, and policy and practice change in relation to gendered violence.

Recent Publications: 

Glinski, J. (2022). Economic Abuse and the Cost of Living Crisis. Engender. GUEST BLOG: Economic Abuse and the cost of living crisis | Engender blog | Engender

Glinski, J. (2021). The Post-Separation Economic Power and Control Wheel. Domestic Abuse Intervention Program. Available from: Post-Separation_Economic_Abuse_Wheel_Glinski_2021.pdf (theduluthmodel.org)

Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, Glinski, J. (2020). Economic Abuse. Available from: https://www.scottishwomensrightscentre.org.uk/resources-guides/Economic-Abuse-final.pdf 



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16th May 2024

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