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Working Title of PhD: Police technology adoption in Scotland: A socio-technical analysis of change

Year commenced PhD study: 2020

Institution/Organisation: Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh

Funding Source: Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith Studentship

Full or part-time: Full Time

PhD Supervisors: Dr. Julie Berg and Dr. Richard Jones

Synopsis of PhD:

This exploratory research aims to uncover and describe the institutional practices, structural factors, personal beliefs, and environmental conditions which impact and are impacted by Police Scotland’s adoption of body-worn videos (BWVs). Making use of a mixed-methods approach, the research examines the interactions between the social (e.g. institutional cultures, organisational structure, and personal beliefs) and technical (e.g. usability, desirability, and proprietary features) factors involved in change. Multidisciplinary theories of technology and organisational change are considered, particularly from the fields of information systems, geography, applied ergonomics, and organisational theory.




Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh

Research Themes

New Media, Surveillance and Technology

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