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Working Title of PhD: Technology-mediated policing: A sociotechnical analysis of change

Year commenced PhD study: 2020

Institution/Organisation: Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh

Funding Source: Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith Studentship

Full or part-time: Full Time

PhD Supervisors: Dr. Julie Berg and Dr. Richard Jones

Synopsis of PhD:

The sociotechnical research examines the ways in which police and technology shape one another. Using body-worn video (BWV) technology and policing in the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, Wales, and England) as a case study, interviews and field observation were conducted with UK organisations involved in policing, BWV manufacturing, and third sector.

Using a new materialist approach, the research examines the interactions between the social (e.g. policy, organisational structure, and personal beliefs) and technical (e.g. usability, noticeability, and proprietary features) elements involved in change. Both personal/behavioural and organisational changes were identified and analysed. An analysis of the qualitative data produces findings which highlight the bi-directional nature of the shaping process between police and technology and emphasizes the need to provide sufficient consideration and weight to technical/material elements when researching the impact of police technologies.



Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh

Research Themes

New Media, Surveillance and Technology

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