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Dr Hannah Graham is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) at University of Stirling.

She previously worked as an academic at the University of Tasmania, Australia. She has been a Visiting Scholar at KU Leuven (2021) in Belgium and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (2019) in Australia, and a guest lecturer in MSt Penology at Cambridge University since 2018.

Hannah has written or edited four books, published internationally by Routledge: ‘Rehabilitation Work: Supporting Desistance and Recovery’ (Graham, 2016); ‘Innovative Justice’ (Graham and White, 2015) and ‘Working with Offenders: A Guide to Concepts and Practices’ (White and Graham, 2010). She is an editor of the ‘Routledge Companion to Rehabilitative Work in Criminal Justice’ (2019), with Pamela Ugwudike, Peter Raynor, Fergus McNeill, Faye Taxman and Chris Trotter. Hannah is an Editor of the European Journal of Probation (SAGE).

Outwith the university, Hannah holds a public appointment as a member of the Scottish Sentencing Council, an independent advisory body. As a criminologist, she has contributed expert evidence to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government on justice policy and law reform, including topics such as community sentences and community justice; electronic monitoring tagging; diversion and decarceration; prisons, prisoner voting and human rights. She is also a member of the National Council of the charity, Scottish Association for the Study of Offending (SASO).


Recent publications

Morrison, K., and Graham, H. (2022) ‘Scotland’ (Chapter 36) in Dünkel, F., Harrendorf, S., and van Zyl Smit, D. (eds.) The Impact of COVID-19 on Prison Conditions and Penal Policy, London: Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/The-Impact-of-Covid-19-on-Prison-Conditions-and-Penal-Policy/Dunkel-Harrendorf-Smit/p/book/9780367769727

Graham, H. (2020) ‘Changing Scottish Justice will take Courage and Cooperation’ (Chapter 26) in Hassan, G., and Barrow, S. (eds.) Scotland After the Virus, Edinburgh: Luath Press. https://www.luath.co.uk/product/scotland-after-the-virus

Graham, H. (2020) ‘Hysteresis and the Sociological Perspective in a Time of Crisis’ Acta Sociologica, 63(4): 450. DOI: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0001699320961814



University of Stirling


School of Applied Social Science,
Colin Bell Building,
University of Stirling,
Stirling, UK, FK9 4LA

Research Themes

Criminal Justice Process and Institutions

September 2021

Written Evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Criminal Justice Committee

This paper was prepared by Dr Hannah Graham, University of Stirling, Dr Steve Kirkwood, University of Edinburgh, Professor Margaret Malloch, […]

August 2019

Open letter about the Whole Life Custody draft proposal by Liam Kerr MSP

Dr Hannah Graham (Stirling) and Prof Fergus McNeill (Glasgow) have written an open letter to Liam Kerr MSP in response […]

March 2019

SCCJR Response to Scottish Government Consultation on Transforming Parole Scotland

SCCJR welcomes the opportunity to comment in response to this Scottish Government consultation. Our submission focuses on the following key […]

March 2019

Scottish Government Consultation on Prisoner Voting

Dr Hannah Graham, Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) at the University […]

September 2018

Review of the Aberdeen Problem-Solving Approach

The Aberdeen Problem-Solving Approach (PSA) has been running in Aberdeen Sheriff Court since November 2015 (for women) and since August […]

April 2018

SCCJR’s Written Submission on the Management of Offenders (Scotland) Bill

Dr Beth Weaver (University of Strathclyde) and Dr Hannah Graham (University of Stirling), Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research […]

Rehabilitation Work: Supporting Desistance and Recovery


Catholic Church Responses to Clergy-Child Sexual Abuse and Mandatory Reporting Exemptions in Victoria, Australia: A Discursive Critique


Scottish and International Review of the Uses of Electronic Monitoring

Review providing a bounded overview of Scottish and international evidence and experience of the uses, purposes and impact of electronic […]


Returning Citizens: A Quiet Revolution in Prisoner Reintegration

26th June 2023

Penal Supervision in Comparative Context

New research on probation and justice social work supervision in five nations Professor Nicola Carr (University of Nottingham) and colleagues, […]

24th November 2021

Season 2 Just Humans Podcast Launched

19th October 2019

Multi-million pound award for domestic abuse research

26th August 2019

An open letter about the Whole Life Custody draft proposal by Liam Kerr MSP

28th May 2019

Scottish Parliament Justice Committee Consultation Responses on the Presumption Against Short Sentences (PASS)

27th March 2019

SCCJR responds to Scottish Government’s Consultation on Transforming Parole in Scotland

15th May 2018

SCCJR gives oral evidence on Management of Offenders (Scotland) Bill

4th October 2016

Radical plans to extend tagging of offenders

30th June 2016

Research shows growing support for changes to the use of electronic monitoring tagging in Scotland

13th June 2016

Rehabilitation Work by Hannah Graham: ‘A truly remarkable achievement’

24th March 2016

Offender Supervision in the EU: Four years of findings